"Sunday" weekly recap

One of my goals when I decided to start writing here again, was to do a weekly recap of our week.  I actually have a draft post from a couple mondays ago.  But Ronan got sick, and it never got finished. So here's to hopefully what will turn into a weekly recap of the week!  Ideally it will happen on Sundays.  But life, and here it is Wednesday already.  Frustration is high as I try to make what I want this blog to look like actually happen.  I'll likely be moving to another type of blog soon that is more picture/user friendly.

I had the kids all last weekend, and we started rearranging some rooms to better fit what we need.  Originally my sewing area, homeschool area, lego and arts and crafts were ALL in the florida room.  I kind of took that over...  Since Kivett only spends one or so nights a week here now, I figured he didn't need a bedroom all to himself!  I moved kids out of the converted garage, and moved my sewing and the big kids art stuff into it.  I kept a fold out chair/bed in there and made space for Kivett's stuff, so he shares with me.  I even tried graphing it all out, but realized that it wasn't going to work how I planned and changed the art table and fabric shelves. I was trying HARD to keep a plain wall with the wood floor so I'd have a small open area to do simple pictures against.  I still have a lot to organize and put away, but I can work in there now!

Kids are all in 2 bedrooms, and they pretty much have the areas set up the way they like.  I moved a couch and chair and the "big" tv and buffet to the FL room.  Homeschool stuff, legos, and coloring/kid craft stuff is still out there.  I got a small round table for them to work at, and they love that they don't have to move my fabric or wonder if paper is a pattern piece or scrap paper for them to use.  They also got a shelf to store their lego creations on.I still need to move my pegboard from behind the TV to the sewing area.

Tuesday was a full day. And then some. We went to Deleon Springs for Homeschool PE and saw some friends we haven't seen in a bit and met some new ones.  Riona took my phone and went off the the museum to take some pictures. Ronan still isnt' healed enough to swim after surgery, but he had fun hanging out with friends on the playground and wearing himself out

After PE, I took Alannah to her first drawing class, took dropped the other kids off at home, went to vote, and then back to the drawing class to wait for them to get done.  I may have dozed a bit on Angela's couch...

After we get home from that class, we start to settle down for the evening.  I'm trying to get caught up on work, kids are just relaxing around the house.  I open a Mike's hard pink lemonade.  And then Kivett calls.  He's been rear ended.  Thankfully I hadn't finished the hard lemonade. I had kids at my house for a bit that afternoon and their parents pulled up just as I was heading out to go to Kivett.  They stayed through dinner and getting kids settled into bed. 

It took FOR-EV-ER to get the police report and such done so I could take Kivett to the ER to get checked out.  He wasn't sure if he had passed out or not, and I figured better safe than sorry. He's fine.  He was quite sore for a couple days.  His dad's 4runner that he was borrowing was not.  Thankfully, since the driver of the other truck didn't have a license, the tag wasn't the right one, and no one is sure if the owner even had insurace,  it has decent coverage and while it's a total loss, it will be able to be replaced.

After a late night in the ER, mister Daylen came over at 6:30 to start the day with us.  I still consider us lucky to spend so much time with him while his parents work and mom sleeps after work. Alannah does a lot of the work of taking care of him.  Not because she has to, but she truly enjoys it.  I'm not sure if it's because if she has him she doesn't have to do things for me.  She also enjoys the naps she gets with him.

I had grand plans of all this stuff I was going to catch up on and get DONE this week.  I did catch up a lot of work, though there's still more to do.  I also was able to change out the carburator on the lawnmower so we could start tackeling the knee high grass in the back yard.  I need to order a part for the pool so we can ungreen it and use it again before it gets too cold.  My plans for a summer oasis didn't exactly materialize, but it's ok.  I have visions of bonfires in the planned fire pit and fall evenings roasting marshmallows and looking at the stars.


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