I have crickets and baby frogs in my house

Why? Because they're for a snake named Max. But Max won't be getting them, and I'm sure they'll die in a corner somewhere to be found later. Ick.

Max is Mikhail's friend's snake. The two of him caught them when we were over there a week or so ago, and I insisted that Max didn't want to live at my house. He's a tiny little thing, and actually pretty cute - for a snake, but I still don't want him at my house! Snakes dying in corners stink worse then crickets!

So my kids are thrilled with catching little things for Max to eat. They put them in containers, and bring them inside so they don't bake in the heat/sun while waiting for our next trip over there. Unfortunately, we've had a few "prison breaks". Nothing like hearing crickets chirp and frogs croak at night. Just wish they weren't in my bedroom! Maybe today (as the kids round up crickets outside) some will actually make it over to Max's house.

I almost feel sorry for the frogs. They're tiny little things. Just out of the pond (really - they were born in our pond) and starting on life. And then my kids get a hold of them - not even really understanding that Max is too small to eat them. Max's head is about the diameter of a pencil, so not up to much more than tiny crickets!

I'm hoping that Max will make an escape soon, and my house can be cricket and baby frog free for a bit!

Meet Max:


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