I know you've missed me - right?

It's been a very busy past couple of weeks here! Registering for school, trying to get some sewing done, vacation bible school for the kids, and just life in general. I'm worn out!

Some highlights of the last week -

Eric built a solar hot water heater. It probably holds a little more than a gallon. Not much. Not sure how long, if ever, it will take to recoup the money spent on it! But he finished it - that's what matters. I don't have a half done project laying around my house waiting to be finished.

Of course, he's now thinking of ways to improve it, and change it. So I guess it will be never ending!

The kids had vacation Bible school every night last week. Sunday evening, they sang for the church, and had awards and stuff. I'll add the link to the video feed of the service as soon as it's up on the church's website!

I played some with my mom's old 35mm camera a bit. Trying to figure out what I need for school, and if I want to use that one (I don't!!). Going back to film after using digital is REALLY hard. I kept on trying to look at the picture on the LCD after I took it to make sure it came out all right. Though it did make me pay a lot more attention to the picture as I took it. I had fun, and quickly burned though the 24 exposures. Film is much more expensive than digital!! I figured it cost me about 55 cents per picture to take and develop (including the cd so I could edit and upload!). And if I decide to reprint the ones I edited, add another 20 cents to those. All the pics in this post were taken with it, and so were these.

And the biggest event of the week? Aislinn lost her very first tooth!! Excuse her face! The sun was in her eyes, and she was doing her best to show me her missing tooth!


Anonymous said…
I did miss you! When does school start?

Nice pictures...again.

Cool hot water heater, too. You guys are talented.

Wow! first tooth gone. Big moment.
Allison said…
School starts the 25th of August. I'm not sure I'm really ready...
Anonymous said…
Oh, you're ready. You'll do great!

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