I might suck at this blog thing

So.... yeah.  I don't keep up.  Life happens and gets in the way and things like a blog get pushed to the back.  I DID take pictures of all the repairs that I made to the camper - they're all on facebook though.  I'll maybe, if I make time, get them all over here with descriptions to whats going on in them one day.

The camper isn't done.  But it's useable, and we've been camping in it for the last year+.  I still need to finish the bathroom, and the section of ceiling above the sink, and paint.  The paint is bought, just need to make time :)

Here's a picture from one of our trips at the beginning of the year.  The kids have figured out where the heat comes from :)

I had grand plans to finish the inside this summer.  But my kids went and had babies.  BABIES!! I now have 3 amazing grandbabies with another sweet girl in Heaven. Visits to the 2 that live far away do not happen often enough :(

I've taken up sewing again, and that has consumed most of the rest of my free time the last few months. I started making a few things for me last spring and summer.  I needed something to occupy my weekends with the kids at their dads. At this point, I probably sew or do something related to sewing almost every day.  I've started testing patterns for a couple designers, and sew for one fabric store to help advertise their new products.

 I'm at a point in my life where I have a lot to say, that I want to share.  Nothing world shattering, just sharing me.  Hopefully I'll be updating the blog more often, with sewing projects, some photography and art, and maybe even some camper repair if I can manage to fit it in.  At least the camping trips!


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