I was desperate to sew

Eight days in the hospital with Ronan left me feeling overwhelmed for everything I was going to be coming home to, but also desperate to sew and be creative. I had to back out of a lot of work when I was sick prior to Ronan getting sick, and then some more when he got sick.  It had really been awhile.

This fabric arrived last week, and it was dying to become a basic "little black (but gray) dress".  I wanted something that could be classic and casual, but that I could dress up too.  I chose the Sunshine Dress from Patterns for Pirates. I've made it before, and I love the way it fits and looks and wears.  Unfortunately, I've gained a little weight I think since I made it last.  The stretch of the fabric allows it to still be wearable, but I'll definitely be sizing up next time.

It's a very easy sew, and doesn't take long to make at all, especially if you've made it before.  The gathering at the sides, as well as the front and back, really make it flattering on my body shape (I think!).  This in honestly one of my favorite things I've sewn for myself.  I want to make a cardigan to go with it - thinking maybe a pinkish color.

I'm getting better at using the timer on my camera to take pictures of myself! At least more comfortable.  There may have been one of two where I was yelling at the camera because it was having a hard time focusing on the solid gray.

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Radhanuga said…
Such a pretty dress! I ned to get back to sewing one day. Probably not until the kids are grown and moved out though ;)

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