New Jean Jacket pattern, and testing woes

Usually, when I apply to test a pattern, I have a good idea of the amount of time it's going to take, and don't apply if I can't complete it by the dates given.  I didn't plan on Ronan's appendix bursting, and I had to bow out of 3 pattern tests.  Even this one, I was late finishing, but not too late and was able to finish just in time.

What I didn't account for how much time this little jacket would take! I probably should have looked at it more closely, and noticed that it was multiple pieces sewn together, with tons of topstitching.  It was completely worth it, and the jacket came out amazing. It's called the Fashionista Jean Jacket from Winter Wear Designs.

This is probably one of the most well drafted pdf patterns I've used. All the pieces fit correctly and like they should.  It's been a long time since I've sewn a pattern this complex, with this much detail. All those little details are what make this jacket.

I actually had to use my iron to make this.  MORE THAN ONCE! I also used this sleeve ironing board for that it was intended as for the first time ever. I think it has a specific name, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.  I just know it's made for ironing sleeves :)

All the topstitching...  And fit tests.  I had to blend sizes to get the width correct/not too wide for the length she needed. I usually use my coverhemmer to topstitch so that the rows are perfectly spaced, but I was brave and used just the sewing machine for this one.  I CAN NOT sew a straight line well, but I'm pretty impressed for how I did on this jacket.  There are obviously some mistakes, but you have to look for them!


When it was done, I decided two things.  One - it needed a dress (because that's pretty much what this child wears every day) to go with it for pictures.  Two - it couldn't stay white.  Because she's 8.  And white.  Do I need to explain more??

The baby corduroy I used is actually over runs from a children's clothing deisgner that's been in my stash from probably close to 15 years. YIKES!  They printed designs on white fabric, and then dyed them to get different colorways.  So I can do the same thing.  I had these stripes that went with it, and chose the one that I could dye with the jacket. I picked up some purple dye at the evil blue box store, and crossed my fingers that it would all be well.

I used the FREE Color Up Tunic from the same designer to make her dress.  I cut and sewed it up besides the contrasting neckband and cuffs, and dyed it with the jacket.  I may have squeeled a bit when it came out of the dryer - the color is sooo pretty.  I LOVE the classic, simple, yet a little bit of detail to keep it intersting look on her.  She loves it because it's a dress and it's purple and pink (and some other colors, but those are the ones she loves)

The final outfit.  She loves it.  I love it.  We're all happy.  I WILL make another.  I will also make sure I don't expect it to be done in 30 minutes. It is WELL worth the effort to make it!


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