Not enough time to be bored in the hospital

You would think you’d have a lot of time to think, do computer work, read a book, just about anything when you’re in the hospital with a sick 6 year old. It’s all a lie. 7 days now. I’ve not been able to touch the computer to work. Read a book? Nope. I thought about grabbing some crocheting on one of my quick trips home, but realized it was pointless. I did have Kiera grab my art bin, thinking I could paint with him to keep him entertained. I ended up painting while he watched. 

My computer has been commandeered to watch tv since he’s gone through all the hospital provided ones. Some more than once. I didn’t know how time consuming taking care of sick kid was really. Most of my time is spent sitting next to him. Getting a drink. Unplugging the IV to take him to the bathroom and back. And walking. So much walking to try to stimulate his intestines to work. There’s more time than I’d like to think about spent holding him while he cries because his belly hurts so much. 

I’m writing this on my phone to transfer to a blog post sitting in the bed next to him. We just spent an hour holding him while changing his IV site since the other failed. Miserable Ronan than got How To Train Your Dragon 2 bought on amazon for being so brave because he had to be poked twice. My right butt cheek is numb, and I have a cramp in my side. The IV is alarming that it’s done with the massive tube of antibiotics that he gets 4 times a day. We’re watching the well earned movie, and I’m being chastised for not paying attention and missing the good parts. 6 year olds are demanding. Sick ones are also whiny enough to make your ears about bleed. I can’t wait to have my happy Ronan back all the time. Though the glimpses of him are becoming more common. 


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