When life turn upside down

I had a post started last Monday about the previous week. Recovering from being sick, a couple things I’ve sewn, and we had a fun visit with friends at Deleon Springs. Then Ronan got pneumonia, but seemed to be recovering well. Sunday I went to get Kiera and James from friends she drove from NC with, and it looked to be an exciting week. Mid writing the blog post I went to assist at an amazing birth. While there, Kiera told me that Ronan’s belly was really hurting and he was crying. I figured it was from the meds from the pneumonia and had Chrissy call the dr and leave a message. Thankfully it was a quick birth and I was home for dinner. Snuggled Ronan and tried to figure out why he was in so much pain. Finally decided it was more than a med reaction - he seemed dehydrated, was starting to get a fever, and his breathing rate was high. Took him to the ER.

Long story short - his appendix had burst! We took a nice ambulance ride to another/bigger hospital, and Tues morning he had surgery to remove his appendix and clean out his abdomen. The Dr was able to do it laparoscopically, with only one incision in his belly button. It’s been a long slow recovery, though he’s doing well considering. We're day 6 post op, and hoping to go home tomorrow, as long as he remains fever free and has no new complications. We were hoping to go home today, but the surgeon said no. In my frustration, I have to remember that it wasn't that long ago (medically speaking) that the mortality rate for kids with ruptured appendix was high. That my little dude just had WWIII go on in his little belly, and he needs lots of time to recover.  We welcome all thoughts and prayers for his continued recovery, and my mental state when we do go home since I have to catch up on all the things that have been neglected the last month (camping, being horribly sick myself, and then this)

I’m just tossing all the pictures I’ve taken at the bottom, most were posted on fb/instagram already to keep friends and family updated.

Getting in the ambulance to transfer to the other hospital

Not enjoying the bumps at all :(

Last picture before surgery - my poor baby :( :( :(

Waking up and enjoying a popsicle! 

First night - loaded up on pain meds and sleeping peacefully

Having a rough day after surgery. 

Aislinn came to visit <3

Mario cart races!

He wasn't tired! He took a 3 hour nap


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